About SIGBPS 2017

The recent decade has witnessed an unrelenting exponential growth in digital information—generated from the activities of individuals and businesses on the Internet. Big data initiatives are reshaping many industries, including finance, marketing, transportation, etc. Fostering true innovation in the digitalized world, transforming business processes with the power of big data, and designing more flexible and efficient processes are some of the opportunities as well as challenges that BPS is facing now. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum for academics and practitioners to identify and explore the issues, opportunities, and solutions in the area of digital innovation and business transformation. The workshop covers all aspects of BPS research and practice, including theory, management, applications and technology.

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Organizing Committee

Conference Chairs:

Jan vom Brocke

University of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein

Michael Rosemann

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Harry Jiannan Wang

University of Delaware, USA

Program Chairs:

Shaokun Fan

Oregon State University, USA

Noyan Ilk

Florida State University, USA